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Kamellia hotel

Information of Kamelia Sabzevar Hotel:                                                                  
Residence type: Hotel
Number of rooms: 60
Number of beds: 180
Number of floors: 5
Parking capacity: 100 hours
Room check in time: 14:00
Room check out time: 14:00
 Extra service type: Sofa bed
 Free child age: up to 6 years old
Facilities of Kamelia Sabzevar Hotel:
Outdoor & indoor Restaurant
 Traditional restaurant and fast food
Cafe Shop                       
Internet Cafe
24-hour room service
 High speed internet
Free Breakfast
Free newspaper
Celebration, ceremony &  wedding hall
conference hall
 conference room                      
Parking at the hotel
Safe in the lobby
Laundry service
  fresh air conditioner             
Facilities inside the Kamelia Sabzevar Hotel's room:
Central heating and cooling
WIFI internet
Safe box 
Toilet bowl
 Squat toilet

Distance from important centers to Sabzevar Kamelia Hotel:
Distance to the airport is 8 km, equivalent to 00:15 minutes by car.
Distance to train station is 45 km, equivalent to 00: 20 minutes by car.
Distance to passenger terminal is 0.6 km equals 00:02 minutes by car or 00:04 on foot.
Distance to the city center and sight seeing is 2 km equals 00:06 minutes by car or 00:18 on foot.
Distance to the holy shrine and religious  places  is 0.9 km, equivalent to 00:04 minutes by car or 00:11 on foot.
Distance to shopping centers  is 2.3 km, equivalent to 00:10 minutes by car or 00:36 on foot.
Kamelia three star hotel
              www.kamelia hotel. com
Contact number: 051-44229711
              Fax number: 051-44231232
Address : Khorasan Razavi Province - Sabzevar City - Sarbadaran Square - Sarbadaran Boulevard
 Kamellia travel Agency:
Managing Director: Ali Moraveji
Phone number: 051-44231258 -44231418
Fax number: 44231232
Website: www.kamelia
Address: Khorasan Razavi - Sabzevar - Sarbadaran Boulevard - Kamelia Hotel